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Fully Responsive

SAK Technology Web Design is fully responsive and runs on all platforms, making sure your site works perfect on every devices

Visual Editor

Easily create your page layouts with Visual Editor Composer, Simply click and drage and drop page as you work on word.

Unlimited Designing

Designing on all pages and style of your company website to match your corporate colors to make sure your brand is perfect

SAK Technology Web Design Company Dubai has been implemented concept designs for all sizes of business, no matter what size of business you have this is your perfect web solution, We’ve developed and implemented Solution to Business which give you all the options, you and your business will ever need Aaron Consultancy Web Design Company Dubai has been pioneering the use of responsive design. The statistics report says 67% of websites are browsed using mobile phones & tablets, If you don’t have a Smart Responsive website that means you are losing 67% of you Clients.
As a part of your overall strategy, your website which apparently ought to be the window to showcase your business, is the most important element in your business. It needs experts to work on it. It needs those artistic touches only the bets in the industry can provide. There is site architecture to be done, there is a concept to be conjured. The web designer has to start from somewhere and design a family of pages – all linked to each other and then linked to other pages outside of the website.
Important’s of a Professional Website
People Judge your business based on your Digital Presence
96% admit that the website affects the products or services they choose to purchase or engage. People turn to the Internet to research companies and formulate opinions about your brand – and very often long before they make direct contact with you. In a digital age a digital presence is critical.
96% of the respondents think that it should be a priority for a business to invest in and update their website. To not invest in your online presence is giving your competitors an easy advantage, which no business can afford to do

The Quality of your site is either going to close the deal or the door
People have high expectations of website design and functionality. The mere presence of a site is not good enough anymore. Your site needs to instantly infuse a sense of trust, credibility and provide visitors with an excellent brand experience. Fail on those points and you’re going to lose business.
  • 100% of the survey respondents have left a website because it was poorly designed or difficult to use – 47% said frequently and 53% said sometimes.

  • 96% agree that a poorly designed site reflects negatively on the business.

  • 89% agree that an out-of-date site decreases trust in the business.

  • 91% have left a site because of typos or link errors.

  • 80% of people have chosen a product, service or company over another because it had a better website

Clear Navigation is Crucial to the User Experience
When people are visiting websites they are generally looking for something and they want to be able to find it easily. In fact, 95% of the respondents said that is it very important to them to be able to ‘easily find what I am looking for
Clear, intuitive navigation that is easy to use is vital to achieving this. Consider your user journeys and organize content and information in such a way that it supports the visitor intent and objectives.

Appealing Aesthetics make an impression
While the age-old saying goes, ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ and it can be quite tricky to evaluate a site based on aesthetics alone, it is not an area to be taken lightly.
89% of respondents feel it is important that a website is aesthetically pleasing and 81% say is it important that the website design matches the company branding. Ensuring the visual connection between your brand and website goes a long way to preserving the integrity of your brand identity. This comes down to careful selection of the color palette, layout, typography as well as imagery to name just a few.
And if you think that purchasing a few photos off a stock photography site will work – think again! 87% agreed that ‘bad stock photos make you look cheap’. Work closely with your designers to ensure that your imagery supports your messaging and infuses the right perception of your brand.

Optimization goes beyond Responsive Design brand awareness
Almost everyone (bar one very patient respondent) have admitted to leaving a website because it was slow to load. Your website optimization strategy should include a technical element that looks to reduce the load time of your site’s content wherever possible, even more so if you are offering a visual-rich site.
More and more people these days are connecting to the web using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.78% of respondents are looking for mobile optimization when viewing a website.
As website designers – and more importantly, businesses – looking to serve our prospective and existing customers effectively we need to offer them content in whichever format is most convenient for them. Responsive website design allows us to achieve this by using a development approach that renders our website content in the most optimal format and layout for the device from which it is being viewed.
This is not only good for your website visitors, but search engines like Google have claimed that they will favour quicker loading and mobile optimized sites in their rankings too, so it’s a win-win situation.