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Website Live Chat

Website Live Chat

Redefining  Customer Acquisition and Engagement

Adding a human touch to the online customer experience Website Live Chat

Awwal Website live Chat is an online customer engagement product from SAK Technology that employs an effective approach to improve the customer experience. Awwal Chat enables real-time, person-to-person communication through Website Live Chat, adding a human touch to the web experience. It helps in turning online visitors into customers and empowers customers to self-serve efficiently. Awwal Chat Website Live Chat can be deployed across online sales, customer service, technical support, account management, collections, saves and retention with significant return on investment. It delivers significant benefits for the enterprise while enhancing customer experience on Website Live Chat

Digital Chat Agents for a Digital World

Digital Chat Agents are a blend of the world’s best human talent with powerful enabling technologies, creating a brilliant customer experience and highly optimized performances.

SAK Technology Website Live Chat delivers innovative, value-added business process management services across the customer life cycle. We offer a comprehensive suite of business process management services

Website Live Chat
Reduced Cost-to-Serve

Considerable reduction in the cost of serving customers as compared to other channels of communication such as voice, email etc.

Superior Customer Experience

Facilitates better customer management due to effective online customer engagement. CSAT scores up by 5-10% over voice and by 15-20% on email

Incremental Sales

70-90% increase in online sales and up sell/cross sell across different clients in the industry with 80% customer satisfaction

Real-time Customer Engagement

Connects with customers in real-time, minimizing loss of business due to abandoned transactions or lack of online support

Quick Resolution

Enables faster resolution of technical issues and enhances First Contact Resolution by 5-10% over voice and 20% on email

5 Simple Strategies to Reduce Customer Effort
Be proactive and work on preventing the next issue
Enable frontline staff to deliver low-effort experiences
Enable agents with “experience engineering” to guide customer interactions
Proactively solicit and listen to customer feedback on high-effort experience
Lead customers to low-effort resolution paths by promoting self-service “stickiness”